Baby Girl Stuffed In Plastic Bag Survives 3-Day Ordeal


Elmira, New York – A baby girl has been found stuffed inside a plastic bag that was stashed beneath a bush. The deserted Eight-month-old baby had survived in that situation for more than 72 hours, local police say.

Sisters Karen and Kayla Seals stated they discovered the infant Tuesday after following a “suspicious” sound.

“My sister came out off the porch and went to the side to the backyard of my neighbor’s house with a stick, thinking it was a dog,” Karen Seals informed local station WENY. “We thought it was a dog … and it wasn’t. It was a baby.” 

The white plastic bag the sisters discovered the infant in was “filthy,” reported The Associated Press Wednesday. Her diaper was dirty and she had rashes on her body, Chemung County District Attorney Weeden Wetmore stated. 

“Her legs were just dangling in the bag. Her head was in the bag. Her whole head was covered all the way down,” Kayla Seals informed WENY.

Police stated that they had arrested the child’s mom, 17-year-old Harriette Hoyt, on a charge of attempted murder.

Hoyt, who lives 20 miles from Elmira in the Pennsylvania borough of Sayre, is accused of leaving her child in the plastic bag after visiting a good friend within the area on Saturday. 

The sisters called 911 and brought the baby into their home where they tried to clean her. 

“They washed up the baby as quickly as they could and did whatever they could until first responders arrived,” Elmira Police Sgt. William said. “They are truly heroes in this incident,” 

The infant was dehydrated however was otherwise in stable condition when she was found, according to the news outlet. She is predicted to make a full recovery, police stated.

The toddler’s mom was arraigned on Tuesday and is being held on $250,000 money bail or $500,000.

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