Brian Pannebecker “I’m only here for the free benefits”


Brian Pannebecker


Sterling Heights, Michigan:  Brian Pannebecker, a supporter of the “Right to work” for less laws and anti union employee at Ford has been complaining he is being harassed for dropping his union membership a few years back after Rick Snyder signed the “Right to work” law into affect behind locked doors.  Brian Pannebecker can be seen bitching about his fellow coworkers on a local news channel because he believes he shouldn’t have to pay to be a member of the same union that gives him the benefits of having holidays, vacations, a decent wage, health benefits, retirement options, and safety precautions that protect him from getting killed on the job, nor has he given up the same benefits fought for by the same union he hates so much.


According to a statement from the UAW, all the investigations have not shown any form of harassment, and Mr. Pannebecker wants the Union Safety Representative fired because he feels harassed by all the write ups he receives for what he considers “minor safety violations”.  He says he doesn’t want to sue, he just wants the guy that writes him up fired.


Maybe Brian Pannebecker should look more into these “safety violations” and remember the people that died working for companies who didn’t give a shit about their employees and try to respect not just his safety, but the safety of those union members lives he hates so much, who actually pay to participate in the same union that still protects him, regardless if he won’t pay a few bucks to help support.  If Brian Pannebecker wants to be taken a little more serious, let’s see how serious he is when he willfully gives up these benefits he doesn’t want to pay for.



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