Brother Dean Saxton gets some sense knocked into him


Glendale, Arizona:  Brother Dean Saxton, or as others call him, Christian ISIS got a taste of his own medicine the other day when he stood outside a school and preached “women deserve to be raped” and fear mongered the LGBT students that they were going to hell.  It wasn’t enough that he was asked to leave and to stop filming the students by both students and the school faculty on multiple occasions, because Brother Dean Saxton didn’t give a fuck.  It’s bad enough people are uncomfortable with ISIS gaining strength in the world, let alone a member of Christian ISIS standing right across the street harassing our children.



For some odd reason, Brother Dean Saxton was screaming at the young teenagers saying yoga pants are a sin, but considering he’s a man of the cloth, little girls in tight pants probably gave him a boner.  Instead of removing himself from the temptation that was surrounding him, he started screaming they deserved to be raped.  Anybody care to guess who the first rapist would be????


Some people say the good lord works in mysterious ways, and when you don’t listen to the people around you telling you to leave because you’re not playing with a full deck, and you have been told repeatedly to stop filming the students, maybe the good lord needs to work a little more mysterious.  Enter in Tabitha Brubaker who has had enough of this terrorists hate speech.  Tabitha Brubaker is part of the LGBT and probably has been bullied all her life because she was born differently.



As you can see in the video, it is being reported that it was Tabitha Brubaker that the lord used to knock some common sense into this loudmouth terrorist with a mother fucking baseball bat.  I know, I know, we should never resort to violence, but who says this wasn’t gods will and since there has been a huge backlash against the LGBT in this country because they are literally fighting for the right to exist in many parts of this world, and they are getting a huge back lash from the christian terrorists in this country just because they want to shit in private, who can prove otherwise?


you whore

Needless to say, Tabitha Brubaker has been arrested for felony assault and marijuana.  We are hoping that Brother Dean Saxton cannot claim he has brain damage from this incident, because it’s rather obvious he already had brain damage by the way people were talking to him in his own video.  This incident might also teach many other idiots like him that their hate crusade may start bringing in some violent backlashes, and many of us won’t feel a bit sorry for them.  I know many feel the LGBT are “easily irritated” but I warned them, a bullied group will only take your ignorance, hatred, and violence for so long, then they will fight back.  Then again, if a father seen this man calling his daughter a whore and she deserved to be raped, I would hope that father would knock his teeth down his throat.


Incredibly Gay Jesus


Incredibly Gay Jesus

Grew up a carpenter and HATED IT!! Felt that the world would have been a better place if we just cared about one another, many agree with me but are all talk and NO action. I'm the most famous liberal and socialist of the all. Died a dark skinned man but reserrected as a white man.

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