captured on a Police Body Camera just after the car crashed into a Convenience Mart.

The Rocky River Police had responded to an alarm that went off early on Sunday morning at this Convenience Mart which is on Hilliard Boulevard.

And what they had found out was, that a car that was traveling around 40 mph at the time, had crashed through the security poles and actually drove right into the middle of the Convenience Mart.

The clerk was OK…But he was trapped under a lot of debris, he told the Police that he had just closed-up for the night, when this car crashed through the front of the store.

He said that the driver got out of the car and that he was naked from the waist down, he looked over at the Clerk and said that “he needed a beer” and then he went inside the store’s cooler to get his beer.

The Police have reported that the driver, 45-year-old Robert Mason, from Rocky River, was suffering from serious issues related to his service in the Military, and…. as an Officer with the Federal Protective Service.

Robert Mason barricaded himself inside the beer cooler and sadly challenged the Police Officers to shoot him, but the Police Officers were able to negotiate a very peaceful resolution.

While the Negotiators spoke to Robert Mason, a Police Officer was able to deploy his Taser. Robert Mason put up a little bit of a fight but was eventually handcuffed before he could do any harm to himself or to any of the Police Officers.

He is facing charges that include a OVI ( operating a vehicle while under the influence) and one for reckless operation.

The employee/clerk who was hit by the car said what saved him was the Deli Case. The car was going so fast that when it hit the Deli Case, it shoved the entire case along with the employee ten feet backwards.

Rocky River Police Chief Kelly Stillman said:

“Had the car been over a couple more feet, even though he was hurt, it could have been serious bodily injury, even possibly death. I mean that’s a four, five thousand pound automobile coming at 30, 40 miles an hour. He was lucky, very lucky”.

The clerk said he is in a lot of pain, for he suffered Leg and Chest injuries but at least he suffered no broken bones.

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