Child Abuse to a 2-month-old baby girl included Hot Sauce & Cayenne Pepper rubbed into her little eyes.


Child Abuse was taken to a whole new level, with a  2-month-old baby girl who surprisingly survived some horrific Child Abuse. Some which included having Hot Sauce & Cayenne Pepper Rubbed into her little eyes, and also having her airways blocked until she turned blue and all of her torture was done to her by the hands of her father….The CHILD ABUSER.

The 31-year-old man (?)…..from Moorehead, Minnesota was accused of abusing his little 2-month-old infant daughter by rubbing Cayenne Pepper and Hot Sauce and in her eyes.


He also enjoyed snapping a towel at her face and throwing lit fireworks in her face, “the complaint alleged.”

This “MONSTER”……31-years-old Shawn Michael Foltz, was arrested and charged on Friday, June 9th, In Clay County District Court, with 4 Felonies:

Neglect of a Child, 2 Counts of Third Degree Assault and Malicious Punishment of a child.

Officials found out about the horrible abuse of this poor little baby girl only AFTER the 2-month-old girl’s mother had brought her to the Hospital covered with bruises all over her face and body, “the criminal complaint alleged”.

However, this FUCKING MONSTER….Shawn Michael Foltz LATER told Police while he was being questioned……

“That he would snap a towel in the baby’s face and hit her bottom with a wooden spoon or vinyl flooring because he was frustrated with her crying.”

Other times he would Spray or Splash HOT water on her, and throw lit Fireworks at her face, causing burns on her body. 

The abuse had continued from April 10th until May 30th, all this abuse included this sick fucking monster, Shawn Michael Foltz, actually rubbing Hot Sauce and Cayenne pepper in his 2-month-old little baby’s eyes………. AND for a little BONUS to please him even more, he also enjoyed blocking her little airways until she turned blue, Duluth News Tribune reported.

It was on May 30th, when the Mother(? COUGH-COUGH) had brought this little 2-month-old angel to Essentia Health Emergency Room…It was there that the Police Officers saw that this small baby had Bruises over both of her eyes and a very large bruise on her shoulder, and……… multiple red marks all over her little back.

The mother (? cough-cough) told the Police that the 2-month-old baby girl and her 3-year-old brother were left in the care of their father(?) in the earlier part of the evening….She said she was told by Shawn Michael Foltz that the little babies injuries were caused by her 3-year-old brother hitting her with a Toy Gun!?


~This Author,CASSY, want’s to know…where in the HELL was this little baby’s Grandparents or Friends or Neighbors. And what the HELL is/was wrong with that STUPID mother (?) to let this go on for 2 months…..What is she, Fucking BLIND she never saw ANY abuse ever???? ?Grrrrrrrr?!~

Shawn Michael Foltz admitted  that; while at work he would plot new ways to abuse his tiny 2-month-old daughter,” the complaint alleged.”

This fucking monster Shawn Michael Foltz is being held at Clay County Jail with a $100,000 bond!?

Much to every-bodies chagrin any and all attempts to reach this PIECE-OF-SHITS, Attorney, Rex Tucker were a complete FAIL!

~This Author Cassy… can’t believe/understand why the bail is so low?! WTF?

And how about we just let the “GENERAL PUBLIC” have their way with this FUCKING MONSTER?! ~


Cassy Sass


Cassy Sass

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