Ahhhh another DEATH THREAT on FACEBOOK.  And an even BIGGER’s from Florida!

A 34-year-old man in Miami, Florida, Steve St. Felix

has been charged with posting a threatening post saying that he wanted to kill a State Legislator in one of his Facebook post, because he doesn’t like Republicans!?

The Miami-Dade Police Department said in a news release that happened on Tuesday, that Steve St. Felix the 34-year-old from Miami Florida did indeed make the threat on Facebook on Sunday against Republican State Representative Jose Felix Diaz.

What Steve St. Felix had  posted on his Facebook read like this……”Steve St. Felix would kill the lawmaker if he appeared at a political meeting”.

The Miami-Dade Police say that Steve St. Felix did actually admit to making the threatening post on Facebook shortly after his arrest, he also added that he is “fed up with the Republican Party.”

The Investigators reported that Steve St. Felix said that he meant no actual harm and that he had just failed to take his needed medication at the time…the Medication was unspecified.

Steve St. Felix is being held in jail on the charge of making a written threat to Kill or do Bodily Injury.

The Court records have not listed a lawyer for Steve St. Felix.

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