Donald Trump and his war on sanity


Twitter:  In another barrage of senseless and factless tweets, Donald Trump has officially declared war on sanity.  In his first set of senseless and factless tweets, he proclaims that United States citizens who have bigger balls to serve than he ever had can no longer serve in the military.  He also claims that these people who willingly volunteer to serve their country aren’t capable of serving and they are too costly; even though the ArmyTimes quickly reported that the military spends 10 times more giving people like Trump a hard on with little blue pills than it spends on transgender soldiers.


Military Times first reported in 2015 that the Defense Health Agency the year before spent $84.2 million on erectile dysfunction medications for active-duty troops, eligible family members and retirees.

Moreover, the military health system had filled nearly 1.18 million prescriptions for erectile dysfunction medications since 2014 and spent a total of $294 million on those drugs since 2011.


To make matters worse, the unhinged lunatic made the claim that he consulted with his generals and military experts, which we later found out was a lie because he blindsided the Pentagon and all the branches of the armed forces and admitted they didn’t have a clue this was coming.  He didn’t consult anyone but a bunch of conservative lobbyists who said they just wanted to deny treatment for transgender people while they are in the military, and being that these people are usually just cunts towards anyone darker than them or anyone born different, they probably wanted to ban transgendered soldiers from getting care their whole lives.  That’s how these hateful bastards roll.


These tweets were met very quickly and harshly from real Americans who rebuked his sheer ignorance.  Many transgender soldiers offered to let Trump say that to their face, but we know The Donald will only hide behind his secret service men and Putin because that’s what 5-time deferring bitches do.  Although, I would pay top dollar to see his ass get whooped by a transgender soldier.




To make matters worse, Attorney General and Master Perjurer Jeff Sessions filed an amicus brief with the US Court of Appeals to argue Title VII of the Civil Rights Act “does not” ban discrimination based on sexual orientation.


“The sole question here is whether, as a matter of law, Title VII reaches sexual orientation discrimination. It does not, as has been settled for decades,” the Justice Department’s brief says.  “Any efforts to amend Title VII’s scope should be directed to Congress rather than the courts,”  Jeff Sessions


Not only is this a direct attack on our fellow American Citizens, but this also proves the unhinged lunatic lied to the LGBT stating he would protect him during the campaign.  Maybe Donald Trump should read the second amendment and look up what a tyrannical government is, and then wonder how many LGBT people are armed.  I know quite a few.   Lock and load mother fuckers!


In the second set of unhinged and embarrassing tweets, Donald Trump unleased full fury while he either shitting in his golden toilet or shitting his gold plated diapers attacking Putin’s personal pick for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions and another obsession both “The Donald” and his worshippers have, which was Hillary Clinton.



I don’t know Donald, why don’t you fucking ask him instead of embarrassing this great nation every god damn morning on twitter????  Give it up Donald Trump, you fucking won, Hillary Clinton doesn’t fucking matter.  What does matter, is your obsession with Hillary Clinton and why everyone in your administration we call a Russian clusterfuck, have more connections to Russia than Russia has connections to Russia.  What does matter Donald Trump, is the fact you act like an unhinged fucking lunatic instead of attempting to act presidential, even if it were for just 1 day.  1 day Donald!!!!


You would think the unhinged lunatic would have stopped to wipe that gaping hole at the end of his bowels by this time, but oh no, he wasn’t done.  He had to go over the top and prove to everyone he has never read the Constitution nor does he have a clue what the laws of the land are that made this country great, hundreds of years before his family illegally immigrated here.  I know there are a lot of fucking morons out there that believe the United States was built from Christian belief systems, but the truth is, the country was built so people could escape religious persecution, not partake in it.



You don’t have to be a rocket scientists to see what a clueless unhinged idiot the right wing dug up from the deepest bowels of their barrel of bat shit crazy, but here it is, in all its full spectacle of sheer ignorance.   Donald Trump telling us about god is like some crack whore trying to talk to us about Jesus, and what he can do for us.  Donald Trump, the pussy grabbing, serial adultering, lying, cheating, stealing, con man telling us we worship god in this country.  Da fuq is he talking about?   His only god is money and let’s not forget, this is the same man that just talked to a bunch of boy scouts and bragged about his dad’s orgies on his yacht.


Love him or hate him, but if you have an ounce of love for your country, you have to admit, this man is fucking insane.  It’s time the spineless bastards that call themselves patriotic Republicans either enact the 25th amendment and lock his ass up in a padded cell, or put the brakes on this clown….  That is until we can all sing “Bad boys, bad boys, what ya gonna do, what ya gonna do when Mueller comes for you!”



Lucy Fer


Lucy Fer

I am the abused stepchild of the almighty god in heaven. After countless years of abuse, I fought for my emancipation from the dead beat dad himself, and to this day I fight to protect the rest of his creation from his unending torment.

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