Elf on the Shelf mauled by German Shepard!


An Elf on the Shelf who was mauled by the family German Shepard, is back to his sneaky ways, thanks to the life saving efforts of surgeons at Orlando, Florida Health Hospital.


 The emergency department Nurse Manager, Jenn Thelen, who works at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, said her daughter, Aubrie, a 7-year-old was just he♥rt broken to discover that their “Elf on the Shelf”, which was named Sam,had been viciously mauled by their pet German Shepard.


Nurse Jenn Thelen said she was able to calm Aubrie down by making a solemn promise to take, SAM, The “Elf on the Shelf”, to the Hospital where she worked, where surgeons could patch him back together.
So once they arrived at the Hospital, Sam,”The Elf  on the Shelf” was rushed into the  surgery room while one of the Doctors was describing all of Sam’s afflictions……which were…… an “amputation of the right arm,” a cut on the left arm, an “open tib/fib fracture” and a laceration on his left cheek.
Little 7-year-old Aubrie was very concerned and confused about, exactly how the surgeons would be able to fix Sam, since everybody knows that all “Elf’s on the Shelf” are NOT allowed to be touched by any humans, EVER!
So, Nurse Jenn Thelen told her little 7-year-old daughter that the “unidentified surgeon” had worn special “Magic Gloves” that allowed her to touch the “Elf on the Shelf, Sam.
Because…… he wasn’t the first “Elf on the Shelf” who has met the family dog!
Orlando Health Hospital told a news outlet that was covering the story, that one staffer had even sprinkled “Christmas Magic Glitter” on Sam, when his surgery was over to help him with his recovery, so he could get back to work for Santa Claus.
So he is home now with young little 7-year-old Aubrie…….and that damn dog.
But he is making sure he stays up high enough so he can keep out of reach from that damn German Shepard, and continue to do his job reporting to Santa Claus.
In Sams, “The Elf on the Shelf” absence….the family got a temporary replacement…….
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