Everett Lee Compton: Just out getting a piece of Ass


Siloam Springs, AR:  Everett Lee Compton has proven to the world that diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but carrots are how you truly get a piece of ass.  The homeowners had recently put up “No Trespassing” and “Do Not Feed Animals” signs recently due to finding empty bread bags on their property and their animals being harassed over a three-year period.  Since the signs didn’t seem to work, the homeowners then decided to put up game cameras to figure out who was trespassing on their property.


It didn’t take long for the homeowners to get some surprising photos from their game cameras.  On May 27, and on June 4th, the game cameras snapped pictures of Everett Lee Compton placing a bag over the donkeys head and then play “Pin the tail on the donkey” with his man member.  The homeowners immediately turned the photos over to the police.



It wasn’t too long afterward when the police had to be called in again because, on July 5th and 6th, the homeowners pulled pictures off their game camera catching Everett Lee Compton getting another piece of ass, from their pet donkey.  That must have been one piece of ass because ten days later, Everett Lee Compton was caught on the property feeding the animal carrots and making sweet love to the pet donkey.  The home owners immediately called the police department, and Everett Lee Compton was found hiding in a bush.  <—- The irony


Everett Lee Compton told the police he just fed the donkey a few carrots, but swore he wasn’t fucking any of the animals.  The police didn’t believe him because the photos from the game camera proved otherwise, and he just happened to look exactly like the other donkey fuckers from the prior two incidents.


Everett Lee Compton was arrested and charged with 4 counts of Bestiality, a Class A Misdemeanor; 4 counts of Criminal Trespassing, a Class B Misdemeanor; and 5 counts of the Offense of Cruelty to Animals.   He will be back in court on September 11th.  During questioning, Compton told police that marijuana “makes him do sick things.”  Here’s hoping that this is the only man involved in harassing these farm animals over the past three years, but we are talking about the deep south, that town might have to find new hobbies.



Lucy Fer


Lucy Fer

I am the abused stepchild of the almighty god in heaven. After countless years of abuse, I fought for my emancipation from the dead beat dad himself, and to this day I fight to protect the rest of his creation from his unending torment.

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