Grandma always wanted to do a Beer Keg Stand..And so she did!


A 79-year-old Grandma wanted to do a Beer Keg Stand since she has always tried to  prove that she has no problemo with  keeping up with the younger crowd and their latest trends.

Granddaughter Madison Munoz says several family members, including her Grandma Muriel who is 79-years-old, they all came to Arlington over the weekend for her younger brother’s graduation from Mansfield High School.

Since the Munoz’s family had bought a keg just for this Graduation party, Grandma Muriel told her Granddaughter how she always wanted to try doing a Beer Keg Stand.

Madison didn’t know if she was really serious, but she quickly learned that Grandma wasn’t kidding, she REALLY did want to do a Beer Keg Stand.

Soooooo with two legs up in the air, 74-year-old Grandma Muriel did what she REALLY wanted to do…….a Beer Keg Stand……. Even if it was at the family graduation party, and she succeeded in chugging the beer from the keg while being upside down.

Madison Munoz took several pictures of the 74-year-old star of the party while she was doing the Beer Keg Stand and ( of course) she posted them on Twitter,which instantly got her thousands of likes and re-tweets and it made Grandma Muriel an Internet sensation.

Madison who is a  20-year-old Texas A&M University student said her Grandma Muriel has always been ‘the fun one’ and loves to learn the latest trends, phrases and dance moves.

“The other night while watching the Warriors game, Steph hit a three and she said, ‘It’s so lit dude’ and dabbed,” Madison Munoz recalled. “So she’s a huge hit with everyone my age.”

Madison said Grandma Muriel is back at her home which is in California and she is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame.

“She thinks all of the attention is funny and is having a fun time with it,” Munoz said. “She got a Uber from the airport yesterday and told us that she told the driver that she’s famous now!”


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Gotta LOVE OLD people!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Some older people ain’t as cool as this Grandma……..They get tired too soon and too often….

However…With some exercise they get right back into living life again…

But NO matter what type of Grandparent you have….Give them a Hug and talk to them……

Their  stories are fascinating!!!

Cassy Sass


Cassy Sass

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