The GRINCH hiding behind his religious beliefs showed up at a Mall to ruin the day for a bunch of little children waiting to see Santa Claus.


The GRINCH is hiding behind his religion and chose to ruin a bunch of little children’s first time waiting in line to visit Santa Claus.

This GRINCH/ PASTOR is finding himself in some hot water after taping himself in a Mall preaching to the children that were waiting in line to meet Santa Claus that the man in the red suit does not exist.

In the video that he made and posted it onto Facebook, this GRINCH/Pastor David Grisham, who was claiming to be with the “Last Frontier Evangelism”, he walked up to the long line to meet Santa Claus that was at the Westgate Mall in Amarillo, Texas, saying on the front part of the video that he was going to tell all the children that “there is no Santa Claus and that Christmas is about Jesus Christ.”

Last Frontier Evangelism, said that Facebook took down the video that Grinch/Pastor David Grisham put up; So his wife Tracy Grisham,quickly reposted it to her page.

“Kids, I wanted to tell you today that here is no such thing as Santa Claus,” Grisham said in the video. “Santa Claus does not exist. The Christmas season is about Jesus. Jesus was born 2016 years ago, he was born in a manger in a small town called Bethlehem.”

He didn’t there…he continued on with, “Don’t lie and tell your children that there is such a thing as Santa, when you know in reality that there are no flying reindeer… There is (sic) no elves making toys. You buy all of the gifts and put them under the tree, that’s the truth.”

Some parents that were waiting in line with their little children, well they interrupted the Grinch/Pastor, telling him to stop “preaching” in front of all the children; One father walked right up to the Grinch/Pastor and said;

“Stop, it’s not about you coming over here preaching. Go on. Quit talking this mess, do you understand me?”

The Grinch/Pastor David Grisham, who said he lives in Anchorage, Alaska, had posted a very similar Anti-Santa Claus rant video onto his Facebook page a few days before the mall incident. On his Facebook page he asked others to “rebuke parents for lying to their kids.”He also wrote, “Kids are being diverted from Christ by the lie of Santa. Let’s go to the malls this Christmas shopping season and set the record straight with the kids and their lying parents.”



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Krampus. … Krampus and Saint Nicholas visit a Viennese home in 1896. Krampus is a horned, anthropomorphic folklore figure described as “half-goat, half-demon”, who, during the Christmas season, punishes children who have misbehaved, in contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards the well-behaved with gifts.
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