Holliday, the Dog with a Big Heart that Can’t Stop Saving Struggling Earthworms


Chicago, Illinois – Pretty much only Holliday, a dog, gives earthworms any respect or care these days.

Those slimy dirt diggers are used as fish bait, some folks just don’t like the sight of them, and when it rains, they are often found on sidewalks and roads, struggling to get back into the earth and then many dry up and die.

But for this one dog, who is also a rescue herself, earthworms deserve more respect than they are given. Holliday cares for earthworms so much that she has to save every earthworm she sees while out on her walks.

Holliday’s owner, Caitlyn Beebe explains:

“This is my dog, Holliday, a border collie/German shepherd mix. I rescued her from Felines & Canines in Chicago when she was a puppy. Holliday is picking up and saving live earth worms from the hot road. She gently picks them up in her mouth and then carries them over to the grass. On walks, she will run around the neighborhood and look for stray earth worms and bugs to save. She will spot the worms far in advance, and run over as fast as she can to save them. Sometimes, she even tries to save the dried, dead ones. She was never taught this behavior, although when she was a puppy, my mom would take the earth worms from the road and throw them in the grass. The only way I can think that Holliday learned this behavior, is from watching my mom when we come home for the weekends. Holliday has been doing this for about a year and a half now.”

While the 2-year-old pup loves people, especially children, and gets along well with other dogs, it is the lowly earthworm that seemingly pulls at her heartstrings.

“It reminds me that you should love and care for everyone,” Beebe said. “Even if they are different from you.”

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