John McCain: What a guy


Washington DC:  In what many called a heroic return to the senate today, John McCain proved to America that his 72% publicly funded health care system is the best in the world and basically said: “FUCK YOU, I got mine mother fuckers”.  That’s right, John McCain voted to move forward on a bill that would literally remove millions of people from the health care system.  That number could range from just under 20 million to over 30 million, but due to the Republicans refusing to show anyone the bill, no one knows what the fuck they voted for.


Wait!  What?  You mean to tell me that no one has any clue what the fuck they’re voting on???   I bet you a million dollars Republicans are out in full force today with a bunch of misspelled signs protesting this travesty!!!   HA HA HA HA. Just kidding, they’re just sitting at home taking it up the ass from their Republican masters, because “HER EMAILS, Benghazi”!!!!!!


To add insult to injury, John McCain gave what many called an impassionate speech about working together like they used to, then scolded the Democrats for not working with the orange spray tan Russian savior in the Oval Office and all those pro-life Republicans who want to take away health care from hard working Americans.  I don’t know if this man is just brain dead, or if the doctors should have removed his knuckle dragging brain and kept the tumor intact, but this fucking hypocrite should listen to his own advice.  John McCain, like the other brain dead Republicans in office, did nothing but obstruct the Obama administration, voted against most of what Obama’ policies and this brain dead mother fucker wants to lecture the left on working together?????


Even though this brain dead fucking hypocrite has enjoyed decades of a health care insurance paid for by yours truly, the taxpayer, has consistently voted against bills that would have reformed our health care system for the better.  So FUCK YOU John McCain, I hope your new plan kicks your ass off because of your multiple pre-existing conditions, and you die the same horrible death you are wanting for your fellow Americans.  You, sir, will go down in history as an asshole!  Sorry if you take offense to that statement, that is the pro-life Republican coming out in me.


All in favor to remove John McCain from any publicly funded health care system?   AYE



Nothing to see here, just a few experts opinion on HorrorCare, errr TrumpCare, I mean KGBCare!


Even the church that stood by Hitler is in shock!


Lucy Fer


Lucy Fer

I am the abused stepchild of the almighty god in heaven. After countless years of abuse, I fought for my emancipation from the dead beat dad himself, and to this day I fight to protect the rest of his creation from his unending torment.

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