Neiva Brown: Morally bankrupt and just an evil bitch


Kent, OH:  Hi, my name is Neiva Brown, and I am a morally bankrupt person.  You’d think that I would have more class, but because I didn’t like what someone said about Trump, and didn’t have an educated response, I chose to stalk his niece and post his nieces pictures online, in a group, without permission.


You’d think I would have known better to do this, but like my orange master, I don’t care.  I choose to be a horrible person because I can be, and I feel it was necessary to attack other people’s family members online because I could.  This is what morally bankrupt people do.  We don’t have limits, and we don’t care who we hurt because we will go as low as we can when someone comes back at us with a factual and educated response.  As a Trump supporter, I can’t support this, and I will attack innocent people and post their pictures online, because that is what we do in our trailer parks.


So please come drop me a line on my Facebook page, I’d love to talk to you.


PS.  The orange shit you see on my face is there because I was rimming Donald Trumps rancid ass.  YUM




One filthy cunt called Neiva Brown



Neiva Brown
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