Noor Salman: Gay or Straight, we are all Americans


Orlando, FL:  Today, Noor Salman, wife of Omar Mateen who willfully murdered 49 of our LGBT brothers and sisters and injured another 53 people was found not guilty by a jury of her peers.  As hard is this may be to accept I’d like to say a few words.


Dear Religious Extremist:

It’s frightening to see how willful you are to send a woman to her death because you don’t agree with the 6th amendment.  I know, I know.  That pesky 6th amendment you know nothing about has stopped you from going in and 2nd amendmenting her out of existence because you hate the fact she embraces her 1st amendment right to freedom of religion.  It must be really tough that you have had to not only embrace her husband and praising him for murdering 49 of your fellow Americans, but it has to be really tough for you to see how she can walk away Scott free and you cannot lynch her for crimes that you truly embrace.


It’s time to look at yourself, because as much as you like to bring my name to the forefront of every hateful message you have, you also stand as one of those who willfully cried for my execution just 2000 years ago.  My only crime was to be an honest man, but you still stood there loud and clear screaming for my execution on a cross.


Yes, you may come in my name, but you nothing of forgiveness nor do you know anything of kindness.  What you do know, is that what you do to the least of us, you do to me, and you do it willfully and hatefully.  Verily I say unto you, I do not know you.


Dear Sane Person:


You are in the same boat as I am.  I, myself find myself troubled by today’s ruling to believe that this woman knew nothing of the fact her terroristic husband committed this act of terrorism.  The reality is, we should all feel thankful we have not been a victim to a mass shooting, nor should we judge those closest to those that have committed this kind of crime, but the more we ignore this problem, the more likely we are to become the next Noor Salman.  The facts remain that she was married to this man and regardless of the news we were spoon fed that her fingerprints were on the shell casings does not make it fact.  The fact remains that our 6th amendment guarantees us to the right of a jury trial to be judged by our peers.  We can adhere to both our first or second amendment rights, but if we are true Americans we must also adhere to the 6th amendment given to us by our forefathers, and we must honor the fact that the prosecution did not have the evidence necessary to convict Noor Salman, but also the fact that Noor Salman was found innocent of the charges brought she was charged with.


If we want to convict anyone of this crime, we should all be guilty.  We have stood by silently while we allowed the extremists to convict our gay brothers and sisters of the crime of being born differently for years, and we have allowed these same people to attack our fellow Americans while we stood silent and did nothing.  We should all be guilty of allowing extremists to come in and judge people for being born differently by making them second class citizens, and we are all guilty of allowing what should have been the leader of the free world to make anyone a second-class citizen.  If we are the true Americans we swear we are, we should have been the first to stand up and say enough, this hatred is not welcome, but alas, we stood back and allowed the loudest to speak for us.  If anyone is guilty, it is us in the middle that stood silent that said nothing.


To the rest of you who don’t know what to think, I suggest you go to a few gay news sites and see the comments from our LGBT brothers and sisters.  From what I have seen, almost all of them have called for her release because they know oppression, and they know how harsh the world is and the last thing any of us want is to destroy and innocent person’s life because we want blood.  That is what we have fought against.  You may hate us, but you could learn a lot from us.





Incredibly Gay Jesus.




Incredibly Gay Jesus


Incredibly Gay Jesus

Grew up a carpenter and HATED IT!! Felt that the world would have been a better place if we just cared about one another, many agree with me but are all talk and NO action. I'm the most famous liberal and socialist of the all. Died a dark skinned man but reserrected as a white man.

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