Not all HERO’S wear Capes..Some HERO’S wear “GREATEST DAD SHIRTS”.


Not all HERO’S wear capes…Some HERO’S wear “GREATEST DAD SHIRTS “.

A Man a Husband a Father a HERO has died, after being in the hospital since “THE” horrible accident that took the L♥VE of his life…… his 4-year-old daughter and it also took both of his legs.

 After losing both his legs last month in the Heroic attempt he did to try to save his fatally injured 4-year-old baby girl from the terrible accident. An accident that was caused by a Houseboat that had run over the little 4-year-old on a Central Texas lake.

Temple Police reported that sadly, HERO Patrick Oliver died Thursday at the Hospital.

The Police said that after a houseboat had backed over little 4-year-old Kaitlyn Oliver on June 23 at Lake Belton, in Texas.

Her Father, her Hero, Patrick Oliver, jumped in to save her, and he became entangled in the propeller just as she did.

An autopsy report said little 4-year-old Kaitlyn Oliver died from propeller wounds and drowning. Patrick Oliver’s body has also been sent for an autopsy.

Both his legs were amputated when he jumped in the water and attempted to save his little 4-year-old daughter.

Little Kaitlyn was known as a “Daddy’s Girl” and after the accident while Patrick was in the Hospital, he was devastated about his little baby girl, Kaitlyn’s death.

Family members said that Patrick Oliver suffered from Pneumonia, and a very high fever and severe emotional turmoil.

“Her father loved her so much that he wanted to give his own life to save hers,” Kaitlyn’s mother told the  Local Newspaper.

Jason Bernal the driver of the houseboat, is from Killeen,Texas. He has been charged with “Criminally Negligent Homicide.

Henry Garza who is Bell County’s District Attorney said: Following the Father, Patrick’s Oliver’s death that they are reviewing the case.

There has been a GoFundMe page set up for the family.

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