Now here is a FISH STORY……….That happened in a Swimming Pool


On a normal TV watching day for a Florida couple it was interrupted when they heard a big crash/splash from their Swimming Pool area in their backyard.

Leonard Vanderpool and his wife were just kicking back watching television when they heard a loud crash in their backyard. Leonard Vanderpool got up to check out what the commotion was and what he found was that a sizable Bullhead Catfish had crashed through their screened-in porch that they had covering their swimming pool and ended up in the Swimming Pool.

Leonard Vanderpool told reporters that he was quite surprised at what he saw after he investigated the CRASH / SPLASH  because it was………..

This large Catfish swimming like crazy in their swimming pool.

Leonard Vanderpool after seeing what had caused the noise, he called the Police to help him with the Catfish in his Swimming Pool.

“We took 10 minutes to get him out of the water,” he later said. “Then the policeman put him in a big bucket that I had. It just barely fit in there.”

Sadly no one thought to find out, just how much this” SURPRISE Catfish” weighed….Typical “FISH STORY” ” It was T H I S  big”!  LOL!

Even Leonard Vanderpool’s wife had said that she doubted anyone would have ever believed this story about their SURPRISE Catfish landing in their Swimming Pool if it had not been the responding Police Officer who took pictures of it just to have proof of it.

All the authorities suspect that a bird had scooped up the Catfish and then accidentally dropped it mid-flight. Leonard Vanderpool did say that the Catfish did indeed have talon marks on its back.

Surprisingly, the Catfish survived the fall and crashing through the screened-in-porch and the plunge into the Swimming Pool,because the Police were able to release the Catfish into a nearby lake.


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