A Photograph taken minutes after an accident has given a Mother the closure that she was praying for.


A Photograph that was taken by a total stranger just minutes after a deadly car crash in Georgia has in some mystical way brought closure to the two families who lost their loved ones in that deadly crash.

“I couldn’t breath before I got this,” Judy Simmons said.

Judy Simmons lost her 23-year-old daughter Hannah, her 9-month-old granddaughter A’Lannah and her daughter’s best friend 28-year-old Lauren Buteau this horrible accident happened in Gainesville,Georgia.

“We were told my daughter lost control and hit a truck,” Judy Simmons said. “I just knew, I knew they were gone.”

In the days that followed this sad and horrible tragedy, Judy Simmons said that she needed closure… she needed to somehow know that her loved ones did not suffer in the final moments of their short lives.

“I just needed God to reassure me somehow that they didn’t suffer,” Judy Simmons said.

Her request for some type of closure/reassurance actually came in a photograph that was taken by a stranger…a young woman who was on her way to work right when the accident happened.

The photograph that this stranger took shows a light beaming from the sky right onto the crash site.

Judy Simmons said that she has an explanation for what that photograph is all about. “It’s God taking them home to Heaven,”

“After I got the photo I could finally breathe again and I knew it was God showing me they didn’t suffer. It was instant.”

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