Should residents pay more taxes for RTA rail line?


Metro Detroit:  A new tax proposal is going to be voted on this coming November for residents of Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, and Washtenaw counties asking them to pay an estimated $95 per year of new taxes on houses that have a taxable rate of at least $79,000 to help pay for the rail line that is currently being implemented.


The current plan is to run the rail line from downtown Ann Arbor, to Ypsilanti, to Wayne, to Dearborn, ending in Downtown Detroit.  Another rail would start where the other rail ends in Downtown Detroit, and lead all the way up to Pontiac and M-59.  This rail line would also include a network of rapid buses and express service to Detroit Metropolitan Airport, because so many people are dying to come to Detroit to get shot at, mugged, or possibly murdered and cooked up in some stolen Car-B-Q.


Since I am resident of Metro Detroit, and have also been a resident of successful cities with ample public transportation, this rail line is a very necessary service the Metro Detroit area needs to finally grow and thrive.  The problem is, their plan is so small and inadequate.  Personally, I have no problem paying an additional $95.00 per year to help pay for a public transportation system, but a 2 line system isn’t going to cut it.  If they want public transportation, we need to look bigger, much bigger.  You would need a rail line to go down all of the mile roads, the north / south running main roads, and rail lines going down the “spokes” of Detroit like Grand River, Ford or Michigan Ave, and Gratiot to get a good working public transportation system that works for everyone, not just a few.  New York for example, has many people will get off at one stop and take a connecting train to their final destination.  Sometimes, they can take a 3rd stop and then jump on a bus.  But we can’t just stop there, we would need rail lines


If they do not plan on expanding this system, the higher taxes they want us to pay will only benefit the people from a few areas and mostly visitors and the corporations they will spend their money at.  This limitation will be snubbed by the majority of citizens because many are sick and tired of flipping the bill for services or stadiums that do not benefit the rest of us as a whole.


Well who the hell is going to pay for this you ask?  Well simple.  If we agree to pay the $95.00 per year to pay for this, then our fascist Governor and master water poisoner can take away the billion dollar plus tax breaks he has given to the corporations that have failed to bring in new jobs, let alone good paying jobs.  Once these lines are done, we could work on expanding this rail line to cities like Flint, Bay City / Sagnaw, Lansing, Grand Rapids, and maybe even up the coastline to Muskegon and Ludington.


If Michigan did decide to tend to the needs of it’s citizens and not the corporations, people could do away with owning a car altogether, saving them 100% on their car insurance and saving them hundreds to thousands of dollars a year in gas.  We could cut down on drunk driving because we would finally have an alternative to our overpriced taxi services.  Citizens would be able to choose to take the trains and busses when roads are more hazardous when they are covered with snow and ice.  Our roads would last much longer saving citizens millions of dollars we currently waste on the same companies that keep coming in to supposedly repair the roads.


There are a ton of positives and yes, some negatives, but if you had to pay a few hundred dollars a year that covered your transportation that saved you countless thousands on our current system, would you want to make that change?



They will be expanding the rail lines much bigger than expected.

Lucy Fer


Lucy Fer

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