Royal Oak Police accused of excessive force


Royal Oak, Michigan:  A video has surfaced of an arrest outside of the BlackFinn Ameripub in Royal Oak where an unnamed 25 year-old-man has been charged with disorderly contact and resisting arrest.  The Royal Oak Police have been accused of using excessive force to arrest the man, but according to Lt. Dave Adams, he begs to differ:  “It was a very chaotic situation, they did the best they could under those conditions to take this person into custody and at this point, preliminarily, there doesn’t appear to be any misconduct by officers,”.


In the video, you can see the exemplary order of the Royal Oak police officers as they lead the stumbling man out the door when one decided to pull the man ‘this a way’, and another officer think to himself, “No, I must push the man the opposite way of where my partner is going”.  Then you see another officer think that jumping on the man like a monkey and putting him in a head lock will solve all their issues.  To no one’s surprise, the man falls down on another officer and you hear another man yell “Taser” because they must have mistaken his stumbling over drunk for awesome ninja skills.  I’m surprised we didn’t hear the officer scream like a frightened woman when the drunk man fell down on him, but the video is very clear that the officers had no order to their arrest, and it is very clear the man could barely stand up, let alone resist arrest.


Unless the man was resisting arrest inside the bar, which we unfortunately do not have any video of, I’m guessing Lt. Dave Adams might want to invest in a pair of glasses.  Thankfully though, Royal Oak Police are protecting us from those scary drunks that roam their fair little city, because heaven forbid a city filled with more bars than straight people, might have an occasional drunk in their midst.


I knew I seen this type of behavior before!



Lucy Fer


Lucy Fer

I am the abused stepchild of the almighty god in heaven. After countless years of abuse, I fought for my emancipation from the dead beat dad himself, and to this day I fight to protect the rest of his creation from his unending torment.

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