A Story about really FUNNY or BADLY named products.


This is a TRUE STORY……I went into a store the other day and saw this Candy Display…I just started laughing out loud….. I found it so funny.

And well……I couldn’t just NOT purchase any of this candy to see what it was, so I did. I always wondered what Camel Balls tasted like….NOT!!!!

Of course I was laughing the whole time, and so was the cashier….Because this candy is just too FUNNY.  What I really love is the “PHOTOGRAPHY” just look at that Camels face….and that set of balls…OMG!

And when I put these Camel Balls in my mouth, I could NOT get that Camels Face out of my mind! Ha…Ha…Ha…

So, after I left the store still laughing my ass off,  I thought…I should put up some pictures of really FUNNY or BADLY named products to share with all FYPC readers.

So I looked on the Internet and found a few to share with everybody here on FYPC.

Enjoy and add some of your own if you have seen any, in your own comments.


I truly believe Camel Balls Bubble Gum probably taste a LOT better than this shit……

And here is some Tea to start your morning with!

And here is a Brand of toilet paper you should probably use afterwards….

And then if you drank too much of that Tea, than you should eat some of these to stop or at least slow down the Diarrhea….

Or some Chocolate…That always works too…..

But don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards with Hot Soapy Water because…….

And if you are planning on going out for dinner you will want to SLICK up your hair before you go so you might have to add this……

And before dinner perhaps you would like some Chips……..

Ohhhhh and don’t forget the DIP……..

And for dinner….. how about a nice Pasta Dish…….

And you could add some really tasty Wieners to it if you wanted……this looks appetizing….

And after dinner you would want to grab a QUICK smoke outside before your car is delivered to you so you will need this……..

And I hope you fed your Kitty Cat before you left…….A little Pussi is good for everybody!  Bet it smells FISHY……….Cassy ….Stop it!

And of course after such a Calorie filled meal of Pasta & Wieners you should wash it down with……

Hope all of you enjoyed my little display of FUNNY products and got as much of a LAUGH out of it as I did writing it.

Cassy Sass


Cassy Sass

I am a Caregiver and most of my Clients say that I am very pushy and I talk behind their backs!

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