Summer Jamz 2016 Vs. Black Lives Matter


Detroit, Michigan:  While many Detroiters gathered at Chene Park to enjoy the Summer Jamz 2016 concert this past weekend, suddenly found themselves in the middle of a Black Lives Matter protest.


The non-violent protest didn’t take long because the non-violent protesters got to business by picking up one of his crutches and shattering it over another black mans arm.  This act was done to prove how dangerous the police are to members of the black community.  Other non-violent protesters can be seen backing up this claim by stomping all over the body of the same man, and tried to bust a chair over his head.  At the end of the short protest, one man gets his point across about how important it is for the black community to come together to fight police brutality by kicking the man several times in the head.


Some of the Black Lives Matter protest is blocked by unexpected spectators moving out of the way of the non-violent protest so the Black Lives Matter statement could be fully addressed.  Overall, it was a successful Black Lives Matter protest at the Summer Jamz concert because no black man lost their lives to police brutality, no arrests were made, and a door has been opened up to repeat this incident at Summer Jamz 2017.


Jack Pott


Jack Pott

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