A Talent Show with 5-years-old’s and a Drag Queen Pole Dancer!


A School District TALENT SHOW has proved that the New York City Board of Education Liberal ideas of what is ..(OK)  has went WAAAAAAY out of touch with reality with this recent stunt that they allowed to be performed at this School District TALENT SHOW.

It was their (SICK) attempt to bring awareness to the LGBT movement?

Most of the Parents that were at this TALENT SHOW, were there to see their children’s performance.

And let me tell you……they are extremely pissed off….. mainly because many children that were at this School District Talent Show were as young as 5-years-old, that were in/at this TALENT SHOW and much to the chagrin of most of their parents they, ( the children ) were exposed to a very erotic Pole Dancing Drag Queen Show!

One of the parents a Ms. Raquel Morales who did film it, had said. “My first reaction was what the hell is going on,”

The New York Daily News had described this Pole Dancing   Performance by a Drag Queen as being……

“complete with gyrations, tongue gymnastics and a flashed G-string.”

This School District Talent Show was held on May 25th, this vile performance shocked and pissed-off parents. They could not believe that the New York City School District would actually allow a “grown man” to be on stage spreading his legs and displaying his crotch while being in a skimpy G-String in front of a bunch of very young wide-eyed unknowing children.

One of the parents reported this to the New York Daily News:

“I left the show the minute he started sticking his tongue out”. “I had my children with me and I wasn’t going to allow them to see that.”

One of the parents a, Ms. Morales who had filmed the seven-minute routine on her cell phone, showed it to some of the reporters. The reporters said: That their JAWS – DROPPED when they watched it.

Her film shows that when this Pole Dancing Drag Queen dropped to the floor and began “writhing in a sexually suggestive manner”, everyone in the auditorium just LOST IT… just totally LOST IT!

Ms. Morales said: “Once he got to that part it was chaos, people were yelling and leaving. A lot of parents were saying had they known this was going to happen they would have taken their kids out after they had performed.”

This School District Talent Show was actually emceed by Alexandra Estrella who is the District 4 Superintendent. And the person (?) who did the NASTY Pole Dancing act while in drag was later identified as the President of the Public School 96 Parent Association… WTF?!

“The school district told a reporter that the performance was about LGBT awareness,” she said.

This reporter said that they had reached out to the district and also the Board of Education….Many,Many times. But much to the reporters chagrin, they have not returned any of their telephone calls……………TYPICAL!

So…….Now we have a few questions that still need to be answered…….

Just who in the HELL actually looked at the school program and signed off on it knowing that it featured a few skits….

One being a Kindergarten Choir ♪ ♫ and then another skit just happened to be a gyrating, adult drag queen in a G-String?!?!?

And…..is that person still employed by this School District and if so….WHY??

And….. has the school district publicly apologized to all of the traumatized parents and to their children who will probably NEVER be the same again?!

Ms. Morales said: “I’m 100 percent against discrimination”… and that her objection had absolutely nothing to do with the LGBT movement.

This is just totally about “age-appropriate behavior” And this Drag Queen Pole Dancer at this School Talent Show with 5-year-old’s in the audience, WELL……it was not age appropriate.

“The superintendent was the emcee – and she has a responsibility to protect all children,” she said. “That wasn’t a child performing. It was an adult.”

And at the end of this TALENT SHOW…..There were still a LOT of QUESTIONS….LIKE………

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